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Denham Haynes

Hi, I'm Denham. I like making websites and cool interfaces that make people’s lives easier. I’m a combination of designer and developer.

I have a background in Art, Design, and Photography, with a bachelor’s degree to show for it. For the last few years I’ve been doing front end website development for Brighter (2011-2015), and The Digital Embassy (2008-2011). I’ve been making websites professionally in a studio for eight years.

Technical Skills

Examples of work

Below is a small sample of projects I've been involved with over the last year or two. I’ve detailed and outlined my role within each of them.

NG Media HDFA FundAssist Cora Barclay Centre Benson Radiology

NG Media

Lead developer: Involved with template and CMS development. Large focus on liaising with the design team and the client to implement their vision into a functioning website.


  • The multi-portal nature of the site meant we had to set up styles and script libraries that could be shared across seven different sites, each sitting on their own subdomain.
  • The client envisioned rich animations at every point - we implemented dozens of CSS Animation and Transitions throughout the site to achieve this. We also implemented subtle <video> tags instead of images in several places.
  • Live video and radio integration: advising and implementing on streaming solutions for the concerts and events the client runs.


Lead designer and developer: After a rebranding and new logo, was left with the task of scoping, wire-framing, designing, and developing their new site.


  • Utilising as many of the rich photography assets as possible whilst maintaining legibility and optimum file size.
  • Making sure that external donation services could be integrated, but also leave room for custom solutions that could be developed in the future.
  • Allow an administrator to manage the amazing photography they had available.

Fund Assist

Co-designer and developer: The purpose of this site is to help small non-government departments find funding; the website needed to be designed and developed to match existing style and functionality of print material.


  • Replicating large and complex forms into a website interface.
  • Giving users the ability to save their progress and return at any time. Also providing functionality to export all of their content into a word document.
  • Create an interface that is intuitive enough for users to understand their progress.
  • Meet the moderate degree of accessibility requirements.

Cora Barclay Centre

Developer: Taking a design from the branding and design team, and implementing it into a rich featured website.


  • The designer envisioned a parallax scrolling effect and "bouncy" simplistic menu.
  • The project undertook a few minor direction changes since its initial design - the CSS and JS had to be reworked whilst maintaining the pre-determined patterns.
  • Giving administrators easy control of some design aspects.

Benson Radiology

Lead developer: Developing the templates and functionality from design mockup.


  • There were several complex forms that required javascript integration - depending how you navigate to a form, specific fields might be selected automatically.
  • Custom select drop-downs, which gracefully fallback to traditional form fields for touch devices.

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